Why Ricky Gervais should host the 2020 Oscars

In a room filled with self-obsessed narcissists, one brave, slightly less self-absorbed narcissist had always the balls to speak truth to power — and his name is Ricky Gervais.

For starters, Ricky Gervais is an English stand-up comedian, actor, director, writer, film producer, and musician. Sounds too much? Well, he is actually best known for creating, writing and acting the British television series The Office (2001–2003). Also, he has won seven BAFTA Awards, five British Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and the Rose d’Or twice (2006 and 2019), as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. Woah! That’s too much I know but we need to note that all those awards weren't just given to the The Office television series alone. As I mentioned earlier he has other notable remarks for his production and writing in series as well as in the movies.

Gervais at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California (2020 Golden Globes) by Getty Images

This man has hosted the Gold Globes Five times, I repeat Five times. Each and every time (2010,2011,2012,2014 and 2020) his monologue was a takedown of “Hollywood Hypocrisy” at its best.

Gervais has earned a reputation for his harsh humor at the helm of the Globes.

Well outside the rarefied air enjoyed by the Hollywood elite, Gervais is loved globally. His series, The Office, won international acclaim and he continues to perform to sold-out venues.

It all started with the Quipping of the celebrities at the Golden Globes…..

“You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and then f**k off.” — Ricky Gervais

Believe it or not, this was his opening monologue at 2020 Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais is unapologetically honest. That’s what dark humor is.

Video on Youtube by Fire Films

After listening to this video for 10 minutes and 47 seconds, you can see how uncomfortable everyone are, because they are guilty. And the awkward glances at each other of who is going to be roasted next is priceless.

Technically it’s British humor cutting down American confidence in seconds.

I have to say, it was satisfying to watch a roomful of self-righteous celebrities be on the receiving end of a roast. Only a cheeky atheist comedian with a British accent could get away with saying, “So, if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your god.”

If courage had a face, it would be a slightly overweight, pasty British multi-millionaire drinking a pint. Taking the stage to host the Golden Globe Awards, Gervais spoke for us, the oppressed, six-figure earning, working middle-class, little guy.

Gervais’s genius is his ability to seamlessly transition from inside the bubble of the Hollywood elite to outside the bubble where the rest of us plebs reside. He directly ridiculed the showbiz royalty in their own court. He made jokes at their expense and their expense alone.

What can I say? Gervais is a tasteful comedian. He’s hilarious and really savage. He’s the host for the common man. He tells these celebrities exactly what we think of them. Many comedians are also intellectually gifted. It’s often a prerequisite for really good humor. Gervais is no exception. He has a message and he wants to make sure you get it.

And here I’m wondering maybe this snow-flake liberal would show us why the Academy Awards are puffed up to the open-eye. Not that I’m not esteeming the Oscars, but these nominations make people think very highly of themselves making it political with their highs and lows. Deep down they’re human beings just like us walking on this planet. Most of these actors are just stuck-up and way too proud of themselves. I think Ricky Gervais is like therapy for them, if actors are to be respectable they must learn how to laugh. And Gervais, as far as I know, is a breath of fresh air amid the smog of sycophancy that surrounds these Hollywood actors.

In many ways, Gervais has become our voice. He is not afraid to speak our minds for us and as uncomfortable as we may be, hearing our private opinions voiced allowed, these things need to be said. Even if only in humor.

We need more voices like Gervais. A return to the old school days where the ability to laugh at ourselves was considered as a mark of virtue. A world where we could speak our mind and absorb the retaliatory blows in good nature.

Thank you for reading



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