What made Taylor Swift “The decade of everything”

This year is the end of a decade, but I would dare say it’s the start of a new age for Taylor Swift. Over the last few years the singer-song writer has reinvented herself changing the game for music industry and managed to redefine her reputation.But no matter how much ever you shade on her, or hate her or throw your stones at her, she makes sure her music does all the talking. As the only women in history to win twice the album of the year at the Grammy’s, she made ripples with her wordings

Swift at Microsoft Theater, Los Angles 2019

There are going to be people along the way who try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday, when you get where you’re going, you will look around and you will know — it was you, and the people who love you, who put you there. And that will be the greatest feeling in the world” -Taylor Swift on winning Album of the year at 2016 Grammy’s

This will always remain as my personal favorite speech.

Most of you by now would be surprised by the fact that how Swift has surpassed Michael Jackson as the most AMA’s artist wins of all time with 29 total wins. I know, I know its jaw-dropping, compelling, but this marks as a celebration of her career where she is dethroned as the “Artist of the Decade” by AMA’s. Aside from all this, Swift has been honored as :

Women of the decade, Billboard Music

Artist of the decade, Billboard Music

Most watched female artist of the decade, Vevo

World’s Highest paid celebrity, Forbes

And the list goes on and on. It’s quite astonishing that, Swift earned all the above titles just in 13 years of her career.

Looking up to her over the last 10 years, with all the up’s and down’s, the high’s and low’s, empowering other women, growing up as a business women, watching her handle hate in the best possible way, God! this women is insane. What’s not to love about her. There are lot of people whom we follow since we were kids, but not all of them come out in the artistic creative way. But to me she was different, there was spark in her music, her lyrics which made my heart cling onto her .

Her Music

I’ve been listening to Swift’s songs since I was 13 years old, the year 2008 when love story music video hit our local TV stations and radio channels. I grew up singing to her music, dancing to her music videos and having the lyrics tattooed over my hands. And I can confidently say there is always one song to match every mood of mine. I know, I know you might be thinking why is she over-rating her too much, but trust me even when I get yelled at work, I have a song of my Queen to hit me up. Well this may sound lame to you, but the catastrophic and ventilation of her music keeps me sane. I have a crush on someone and the person doesn't know I exist, its Teardrop’s of my Guitar . When my crush feels the same way about me, its Enchanted or crying to a mental-breakdown because your crush left you for a another girl, is The moment I knew. Getting over my crush phase 1 its Clean, phase 2 going strong over it is Bad Blood. Sometimes Getaway Car illustrates me to cry over my imaginary boyfriend. Nevertheless All too Well hits you right in your face whether you have a lover or not, because the lyrics tells you a story.This is not being emotional , but her music and lyrics somehow connects everything. She unravels her verses powerfully that how poignant and impetus she can be with her words.

She is my Inspiration!

The ten- time Grammy winner is not just the epitome of class, but a successful businesswoman too holding endorsements with major companies like Keds. She isn’t afraid to break it off with companies like Spotify even though she knows she isn’t getting the profits she deserves as all her previous album recordings are held by her former label. Despite all those controversies, she is the third most streamed Female Artist of the decade in Spotify. I’m sure there are times when she lets it loose and makes mistakes, but that is OK. Still this women stands up for herself and enough to keep her public image clean and classy. Or the time when she penned an open letter to Apple Music in 2015 enunciating all the young artists around the globe. This move was my personal favorite, as this also shook many industrial people and gave them an off-feeling how an women can do this?. Or the time when she visited Boston Children’s hospital singing to a young boy fighting against cancer, this shows how down to earth she can be in spite of all the fame. If this doesn’t make you love her after seeing this , then I don’t know what else can.

But still, the artist of the decade?

Most of the people hate her sounding she is over-rated and cannot live without drama around her.The way she connects with her fans has been growing strong since the beginning of her career in 2006. In the end , its her fan-base which made her keep on going, despite how much she has worked very hard to be who she is today. Every Swiftie has his/her own story or their narration of looking up to her. My writing wouldn’t have portrayed of how much I love her, but deep down she has influenced me in so many ways to believe in myself and go for it.

And looking back at her after all these years My Queen’s transition of rising from country singer to biggest pop stars in the world, we would say the title of artist of the decade is definitely well deserved.

No matter how much ever the haters are gonna hate, hate, she will shake it off like a Man and break those records once again making her fans proud.

Cheers to a new decade !!!

-From the girl who still dreams to dance at her concert someday



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