So I saw The Great Indian Kitchen Movie….

I just watched The great Indian kitchen and I absolutely HAD to say something about it.

Source: Youtube

This movie is exceptional. The sheer simplicity of the movie is the masterstroke in conveying the magnitude of social issues that are accepted as the norm. Watching most of the movie is hard; it portrays drudgery in vivid, realistic, and raw imagery. It was hard to shake certain scenes out of my head even after the movie had ended.

The movie shows women… As women.

Women who are struggling against the weight of the patriarchy, women who have succumbed to it, women who see right through to the disgusting core of it, women who support it, and women who help other women through it.

This is reality. Too real even.

The covertly obscene way the men behave is a look at men in almost every typical Indian household. Now, more than ever, it is time to take a good long hard look at what “tradition”, “customs”, “religion” all stand for. Arm in arm, they make up the oppression faced by women every day. Every. Single. Day.

If you’re a man, watch this movie. If you’re a woman, watch this movie. If you’re an Indian, watch this movie. And then introspect on your role in the endless cycle that is: the subjugation of women. And change. Maybe.

A girl can hope.



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