Reasons Why My Crush Didn’t Text Back

It’s not that dramatic…

2 min readDec 31, 2020


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  • He fell and he slipped his arm.
  • Quite don’t understand why I’m completely obsessed with Taylor Swift and her music.
  • I fangirl a lot of anime men and I turn insanely crazy.

I mean just look at my man Levi Ackermann, can you just not?!

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  • Moreover, he figured out that my heart starts racing faster whenever I see anime men with thick black hair and blue eyes on-screen.
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  • Found out my only passion is to eat food until I get physical pain.
  • Somewhere he overheard me yell ‘No more Lady Pants!’
  • Afraid to talk about stars with me.
  • He is busy reading.
  • That I cry at everything.
  • Also annoyed and entranced that I laugh at everything.
  • Noticed that I do my makeup so bad!
  • Additionally, he is stunned that I don’t like makeup.
  • Embarrassed and loves at the same time that I dance as cute as a unicorn.
  • He is busy mailing me a bouquet of Sakura flowers and a stock full of handwritten poems because he is crazy like that.
  • He saw me running errands with those green streaks in my hair and got offended that I imitated Billie Eilish. How wild!
  • Astonished that I don’t listen to music nor watch movies belonging to my native language.
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  • Fumbled that I don’t pay attention to anything related to sports.
  • He is tired.
  • Maybe he got trapped in a pirouette door.
  • Perhaps, he is busy learning about winged eyeliner carefully, so that he could put it on me and admire how beautiful I am.
  • His phone autocorrected his life to death and died in real life.
  • He is dead.
  • There is no texting afterlife because ghosts are too busy scaring people in horror movies.

Good night!!

K, BYE 2020!