How GOT became the biggest disappointment of 2019 TV series finale

A sadistic Ramsay Bolton said this.

After all these years we never got to see the satisfying ending or an ending worthy to remember. Few may see it as apologetic in some way, but to me it was a tawdry wretched ending ever in TV series history. And even if you don’t see it from my point of view, it doesn’t matter.

Well to be precise, Game of thrones was widely acclaimed as the one best show in television history and then Season 8 happened. It kept me up wondering for days, it made me question whether it was I who was dumb or the writers.

The writers David Benioff & D.B.Weiss

Maybe I should unpack this, for the uninitiated. In the early 2010’s, when the subscription war was at its infancy and the pirated shows reigned supreme, there came Game of thrones with it’s ideal authentic theme music. The theme music made most of us “dun-dun-dunnnnda-dunnn” every time till our throats dried out. Game of thrones was our generation’s Sunday night prime-time “must-see TV” show. But for us third world plebs due to geographic constraints, we got to see it as a morning Monday show. Here I needed to see the episode completely before I land at college. Meaning I would have to wake up pretty early in the morning and watch it. This level of commitment was uncharacteristic for me.

My Favorite Man- Lord Eddard Stark-

The show that featured the most likable and hate-able characters. The ensemble assembled by the casting team — I much appreciate the entire cast for bringing out the complexity in each of the characters. In the beginning, we all thought Ned Stark would end up on the throne, Alas! but he was beheaded at the 9th episode. To this day I cry every time I come across that scene because Ned Stark’s characterization was heart-breaking and beautiful. That’s when HBO seduced us with its high fantasy thriller.

Since Game of thrones aired, the series brought into the popular media, a new level of honesty about trauma and loss. The show laid it out clearly the link between suffering abuse and abusive behavior.

After religiously following the series all these years, the surprisingly bizarre ending from the vanishing of the Army of the Dead to the Dragoon Queen. From the Broken king to the Frozen wandering Prince. From the sailing assassin to the Sansa stealing a crown. And the stability of the continent still doesn’t makes sense.

Setting these aside, there are numerous questions that went unanswered. Leading the conclusion of the series to spawning reactions that ranged from mile-long twitter threads to honest-to-God petition for HBO to remake the entire season 8 from the scratch.

Game of thrones which elicited genuine emotions from its viewers in its heyday, has fallen so low that it has become a literal meme.


Basically Season 8 was rushed. Of all the competing interests in Game Of Thrones, to me the White Walkers were consistently been the most compelling. They were the best leaders to their people. Well, none in the Westeros came was close to it.

In fact episode Three of Season 8 The Long Night was also going fine and then the death of the Night King happened within the blink of an eye. The leader and the first of the White Walkers having existed since the age of the first men stabbed to death in two seconds by Arya Stark. The Night King, The most dangerous, The most powerful, The most developed character over the years, But all this development was dragged through the mud and died a slow, painful and extremely disappointing death.

The one and only Night King

Curious that in the novels, the title “Night King” is given to the long-lost legendary 13th Commander of the Night’s Watch, who supposedly married a White Walker and led the Night’s Watch to commit atrocities. But the show skipped all the lore and went for a simplistic take that made the Armageddon of this world to die out with a whimper.

I’m not arguing here that I need Jon Snow to beat the Night king. But we were made to believe he was “the prince that was promised”, made from fire and ice by Rhaegar Targaeryn and Lyanna Stark .a.k.a. destined to kill the Night King. Maybe they were trying to subvert our expectations. And there have been instances where the simple misdirect such as this have worked brilliantly. But the botched execution of the concept and ignoring the character growth for Jon Snow henceforth is a travesty.

And now we will never know what the bloody hell was “the prince that was promised” or who the hell was Azhor Ahai!

For me, the show ended with the Night King’s fall. There is nothing worth mentioning what happens in the story after that, nullifying the significance of the Iron throne.

F.Y.I the so called ‘The Wheel’ was actually never broken.

They just removed one of the spokes.

Well I know, that it is hard to satisfy everyone but the ending made me question how did GRRM trust D&D with his story. D&D could have relied on other writers and have be more open to criticism.

Again my writing wouldn’t have portrayed how much this show left me clueless. But each and every fan has their own way of narration of how this series finale could have been better.

That’s all folks, my favorite show had the worst ending. The time I was weeping out to Rains of Castamere, cheering at the resurrection of Jon Snow or the Battle of Hard-Home has all been in vain. The show wrecked itself so hard that no one will ever be able to go back and cherish re-watching the beautiful moments that preceded this cluster-fuck.

We all got lost in the translation, or maybe we asked for too much? But this thing was a master-piece until D&D tore it up at the end.

Game Of Thrones probably might be the last show we all watch together.

All photos via HBO



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